Oli: Welina Mānoa i ka lehua aloha/Aloha ua Tuahine,mai Luahine a i Waikiki/Kiaʻi ke Kahaukani,kani nō nā leo/Eō kamaʻaina,ʻāina aloha ē Mānoa ē!

Welcome to Mānoa Valley!

I’m a graduate student in the department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management in University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. I’m interested in water — Where is it from? How does it form? What are the meanings of water for human being, other living organisms, and environment? How does water play a role in the ecosystem? How can it benefit to us, and how can it destroy us? What kind of water we have? How do we use it? How can we hit the best balance in sustainable water usage and human needs?

I’d like to write down “wai” (water) and its connection with environment and biota from different perspectives. Thanks for the class, BOT/ZOOL 450 Hawaiian Natural History, it encouraged me to start this blog. I’ll take off from where I am, but not limit to — Mānoa Watershed.

Enjoy, and feel free to give me any feedback! Aloha!