Waihi Stream – Mānoa Fall

Instead of visiting Waiakeakua first, I visited Mānoa fall, Waihi Stream. According to my friend, Waiakeakua is more challenging, and my adventure friend got sick on the date that we were planning to visit Waiakeakua stream.

Mānoa fall belongs to Waihi Stream, and it’s an easy trail but very muddy…

Tropical and rainforest plants:R0015235.JPG

Mānoa fall! We heard that it’s better not to swim in the pool because of the bacteria… 😦R0015247.JPG


We found a way to climb up and tried to get to the top of Mānoa fall. :p1452110_567732963305683_381069119_n.jpg

The top of Mānoa fall! 😀R0015256.JPG

Only a few amount of water flowing actually…R0015257.JPG

Going down is the most terrifying part… R0015262.JPG


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